DARKSIDERS 3 Error open game

The first thing to say is that from the eipic games suport service they have sent me to your website to give me the support; Unfortunate for their part since they have been making me dizzy for 3 days …

When installing the game with the dvds and giving it to turn on I get this error. Thanks in advance for your answers.

I have a nvidia 1050GTX you


You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.

That crash raporter is designed for UE4 game devlopers that who “support” is addressed to, this crash raporter will show up even if crash is on game developer side. By defualt when you make shipping build of this game this crash reporter is not included, but developers still enable it for them to show crash data, but on other hand confuses end users which come here seeking support. Also it’s complitly useless without symbols (which game developer should have)which would show call stack

This AnwserHub is dedicated for UE4 game development and you should contact game developer, you won’t find much help here as no body have idea what this crash is in here without call stack or log.

If you play on laptop, it might be related to Intel<->Nvidia GPU switching which is very common for UE4 to crash as it disconnects D3D device and renderer halts, you need to make sure your laptops run on NVidia GPU and don’t switch during game

The funny thing about all this is that from Epic Games they send me here and keep making me dizzy.

Thanks for your help ; But this continues to fail. The funny thing is that in Win7 it did not give me problems and in Win10 Yes.