Hey, guys!

We are excited to share with you a first look at Darkscape.

Darkscape is a 2.5D metroidvania game set in a distant sci-fi future with a heavy focus on combat and level exploration. The protagonist of the game will explore the secrets of a desolated research facility and encounter endless waves of bloodthirsty mutated creatures.

The player will use a variety of weapons to survive. Environments hold many puzzles and challenges for the player to solve. The game also features both co-op and versus splitscreen modes to share the experience with your friends.

We’ll will continue to post updates in this thread as we make progress.

Prototype trailer:


Nice job! Where did you get this draft material? It looks much better than default one.

Looks cool. I can see you’ve left the environment art for the end :stuck_out_tongue: . Nice. There was ledge climbing. I approves.

Looks interesting. Gonna wait :slight_smile:

Thanks, Astronaut61! Material is from SuperGrid starter pack. It’s really handy when it comes to blockouts. You can find it here:

Thanks, guys! Zarkopafilis, It’s really tempting to jump into art early on. But game must come first. :slight_smile:

Weekly update + First Dev diary.

It’s been a week since our original post, time to give an update!
First and foremost, our game got a new name! Apparently Darkscape already exists (it was our screw up. We somehow did not check on that.) We had a lot of ideas and after a hours of discussion we eventually settled on Dark Strain. I hope you guys like the sound of it.

Next, the weekly changelog.

-Recover Pod implemented: A restore point where player is being recovered after death
-Discrete Weapons implemented
-First pass on weapons balance
-Pass on enemy AI: Improved player detection
-First pass on destructibles
-Security consoles: Grant player access to specific doors in the level
-Loot Crates
-Initial art tests

Dev Diary #1:

Fresh screens:

Hi, guys! This week we had a great opportunity to demo our game at a local IGDA meeting.
We got a lot of great feedback and compliments.
Rest of the week been spent on getting a tutorial level in place and an initial blockout of the facility.

Weekly Changelog:
-Tutorial Added
-Rough pass on facility layout
-Pistol aimspace
-Laser pointer
-Melee kick
-Improved destructibles
-Initial pass on in-game HUD


Melee Kick:

Test level gameplay


In game HUD mockup:


Work in progress on the facility layout:


Looks incredible, very inspiring! Hope you continue making great progress

Thank you, ZenrokStudios! :slight_smile: