[ROYALTY] Darkness

Project Title:

An Open world narrative action RPG. Set in a fantasy/steampunk world.
Currently in very early development. Anyone interested must be fine with working in a revenue share fashion.
I am more likely to answer on Discord over E-mail.


  • fast paced fluid combat
  • vast branching dialogues
  • total freedom in the games large world

Team Name:
Black Wolf Game Studios

Team Structure**:**
Project Manager - Corey Jones (currently doing all work.)

Previous Work:
N/A - first title

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer

  • Strong knowledge of OOP programming
  • Able to implement tools and features needed
  • Must be able to clearly communicate with all members of the team to ensure needs are met in a timely fashion

Blueprint Scripting

  • strong knowledge of working with blueprints
  • able to clearly communicate with programmers to ensure smooth workflows

3D Character Artist - 2

  • Knowledge on modern realistic PBR pipelines
  • Can make realistic looking assets
  • will be able to make high quality optimized meshes
  • will help with the modeling of characters
  • ability to rig is a plus

3D Artist - 2

  • Knowledge on modern realistic PBR pipelines
  • Can make realistic looking assets
  • will be able to make high quality optimized meshes
  • Will help aide in the creation of all props and architectural meshes

Concept Artist

  • Passion for creating realistic designs
  • ability to draw complex character designs
  • self-driven and good time management skills
  • will contribute to character and environment designs

none yet

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: BlackWolf9584#1861

Hi BlackWolf8495

With all project which offer pay via royalties, the big question is will this make any money? 90% of games don’t get published or make any money. Could you give any information why this would be worth investing time on? You haven’t published a game before, have you success in other similar projects?

Open world narrative action RPG with branching narratives sounds like a lot of work.


I know one game that is finished (i did some stuff for them, and now i trace that project out of nostalgia), after 10 or more years of hard work it did not make enough money to pay developers even minimal wage for hours they put into it. It is tiny team, and huge project, however its much smaller than open world RPG. And they really did hard work and put lots of hours into it.

Happy to answer your question Ed. I do plan on going for investors and the current amount of people following the development already, is a good sign in my eyes. also if I am to be honest I have over 8 years of experience working on projects true this is going to be the first commercial release and some of the past projects flopped horribly. I can say that the people who know more of the design and story are excited for it as well. As for investing time into it this is a passion project so if you have a passion for this type of work you are more than welcome also this is just one of many planned games.