Darkest Dungeons and Dragons

Hello, guys, well, I have a weird job offering.

I have a problem that after a short time working on a project it gets really boring to do it by yourself.
So I need someone I can constantly discuss project ideas with, show stuff I made, etc via skype calls and screen share.
You dont really need to code/model anything since I can do it myself, all I need is discussion / other opinion like Watson for Sherlock maybe :slight_smile:
So if you have a lot of free time or want to learn UE4 feel free to join me!

The game I want to make is DnD with Darkest Dungeon mechanics. So if you know DnD mechanics and love RPG / roguelike games is a big plus!
I have already prototyped Darkest Dungeon in UE4 and it works just fine, with some mechanic changes to be closer to DnD it might be a great RPG game.
I’ll try to make a game easy for modding to let DnD fans expand it like they want.

If you make the whole game with me till release, of course, I wont let you leave empty handed :slight_smile: Message me if you are interested.