Dark souls style Dodge Roll improvement

I’m having a small problem with my dodge roll logic, it allows you dodge in any direction and it has a good sense of momentum in that you speed up during the leap and slow down during the roll. However there’s a bug in that when dodging downhill because the player is launched slightly into the air they travel significantly further. I was wondering if there is any air drag variable or alternative to the launch function? I’ve tried adjusting the players gravity but that removes the burst of speed entirely.

For those who are still coming here looking for an answer: The Character Movement’s Falling Lateral Friction may be what you are looking for. Right before I launch my character, I set the character’s falling lateral friction to something greater than 0( in my case, it’s 16). After the roll is over, I revert it back to 0. It helped prevent my character from launching across the map when rolling near a ledge/down a set of stairs.