Dark Side of the Moon

Its finally done. It took a lot of time and effort but now you can get it here:
You can watch a small video about it here:

I started to plan this project some time ago and now I´m going to focus on it a bit more. The goal is to create a large moon surface with different modular buildings (interiors too). Basically a good base for all sort of scifi themed projects.

This is what I have done so far. I created a huge landscape (16km2) and tweaked lighting to match something that might be on moon. I also made few modular building pieces and materials to start with. Some interior work is also done but that is the area where I will focus more next. I have a lot of ideas what to add there from moon buggy to different colonies.

My plan is to also create lots of scifi themed props/devices/items. Let me know if this project is something you would like to see in the Unreal Marketplace when its fully done.

Latest images:

I made this scifi lamp model. That will handle local lighting for some key objects. More shots here:

I started to make more interior related things. Some lighting tweaks and new rubber floor material.

A little more close ups about those ground materials.

Sorry that I haven´t been updating this thread. I´ve been busy making more models for this project.

Also Interiors are now much more detailed now and I´ve been doing a lot of blueprint stuff so doors are opening and lights will go on when player walks into different modules.

Its finally done. It took a lot of time and effort but now you can get it here:…surface-colony
You can watch a small video about it here:

To point out few features. Project include a huge 20 square kilometer moon/planet landscape with modular buildings, detailed interiors, interactive doors/lighting, props and so on.

Building materials are also supporting different effects like dynamic dirt and vertex painted water and are using hi-quality trim sheet textures. Landscape material is using 4 layers of hi-quality textures from smooth sand to rough rock. Material also supports adaptive tessellation, triplanar mapping, distance based blending with macro details, automatic slope detection etc. Rocks are placed using procedural scattering system and are using advanced material with distance field blending and dynamic dirt. Background space and distant Earth materials are also provided with cloud, water, civilization and atmosphere controls.

Thanks anyone of you who followed this project!