Dark movable objects

I have a big map with many sublevels
these sublevels are loaded using streaming volumes during the game
some movable objects that are “floating” on the main level, when the sublevel loads around them, they appear very dark, but if

move they return to the correct brightness level.

on the first image you can see that the button gets dark when the level loads
when the character step on it there’s an animation, the mesh that moves go back to the correct shading
the third image is who the button is on the editor while not playing

Hi -

Can you explain the exact level assignments you are using in the pictured scene above? In specific, can you let me know what level your lights exist on and what level you button exists on, is the button a blueprinted actor? The level itself, is it in the same level as the button?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric
I just discovered that the problem was the indirect lighting cache quality of the movable mesh.
Just creating a Indirect Lighting Cache volume and changing the movable mesh from ILCQ Point to ILCQ volume corrects the problem.