Dark Fantasy ue4

Hey guys, Rom again (Frenchie dude) and I’m back for my 2nd work !

I tried to built something deeply inspirated from Fantasy Universe (and, to be honest, even more like Dark Fantasy Universe)
Concerning the Gameplay, it’s typically the same than Dark Souls one (e.g : just like Dark Souls - from “Software” - games, there is no real “jump”)
I mostly used assets and props from “Infinity Blade” and “Kite demo” packs.
Also, I created my skybox using “Spacecape” software.
Please find below a “showreel” showing you the “Final product”, it’s my first matinee capture it could contain some mistakes. As usual, any professional advices are welcome to improve it :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, on my way to Third work! Cya guys :slight_smile: