Dark Ambient Thriller Suspense Music (for sci-fi, horror, FPS, etc)

If you are making an horror/sci-fi/FPS or any kind of game that needs some ambient / thriller /suspense soundtrack, have a look at my new entry on the marketplace.

A collection of 5 songs perfectly suited for dark ambient settings, such in spaceships, underground, steampunk, RPG, FPS. This pack will create a perfect atmosphere for the exploration of dangerous places.

Zero gravity (2:17)
Cosmic microwave background (6:28)
Neutrino storm (5:05)
Test of cosmic geometry (4:27)
Lost in outer space (4:40)

Preview Playlist on youtube

Congrats on your release! 3/5 of the playlist is my favorite. =)

Thanks! :slight_smile:
much appreciated!