Dark Age Pack (Interest question and overview)

Dear reader,

I made some assets over the last weeks and wondered if there is any interest.

They are all made for use in a Dark Age setting. The pack would have mostly contain modular assets, like planks, fences, doors etc. But also some “special” meshes like a gravel pile made by photogrammetry.
Most assets are made to fit any tileable texture you want to use. The material instances are all based on three master materials (normal materials, metallic materials and translucent materials).
For the doors and the street lamp are to Blueprints. Just simple ones to open and close the doors, as well as control the light of the streetlamp (dynamic shadows and particles).
Of course I could try to bring in some requests, for example a little defensive wall. Please have a look at this threat ( ). Maybe you find something fitting your needs.

The price would be around 10$.

Some Pictures and a content grid.




The main reason i want to sell this stuff is, to support my planned trip to Cambodia and Thailand where I want to catch as many objects as possible and bring them into Unreal engine via Photogrammetry and Blender.

I hope for some replies, thanks for reading!


What would keep me from buying such an asset pack is the textures unfortunately. They look way to dull in my opinion.

Okay, thanks.

I’ll try to fix that. Luckily they all share one material ^^