Daring to Dream Real (Keep up to date)

Hello everyone,
Do you dare to dream?

Well we do, actually we do it all the time, this is the reason why me Gustavo “Gus_T_K” Abiz and my friend and business partner Mateus “MrMatt” created Dream Real.
The point of making this post is for it to be the main post of Dream Real’s news, which of course include products on the awesome Marketplace, our videos on the matter and our FREE stuff.

I’d like to start off by thanking you for being here and giving us your time, we understand that in today’s world it may be more valuable than money, so with no further ado I give you our products:

Combo System Actor Component:

This gives you the ability of doing much more then what you think you can do by the name of it. Combo is usally linked to fighting terms, and of course it is perfect for that, but , it is much more then only this. Let me give you an example:
You want to make a game in which you have to press a certain sequence of buttons to create a spell, or a racing game in which you want to activate a power up by giving the right commands, or even have several cheat codes in game. All of this can be achieved with this.
Let your imagination be your best friend!
Presentation video:*
Quick Demo*

Besides these, we also have a more in-depth tutorial video on our channel, we encourage you to watch it.

Dynamic Gravity Actor Component:

This is a very cool feature in which you can add several types of forces on the object, the collest one being Dynamic Gravity, there are so many options of thing to do that I’ll leave you with the videos:

As for all of your products, we have a tutorial for this one too, be sure to check it out.
FREE - Spawn and Wave System Control**

This is our last product released, it a bunch of features, but summing it up, you can control spawns of several actors in pre determined locations and also random ones, on top of this you can set them into waves and control them by time or any other option you’d like and last of all have the **Big Wave Final ** which you’ll have to watch the video to see:

Download link:

There’s also a tutorial for this. Please let us know what you think.

All we want is for people to have fun and enjoy themselves to the most!

All the best,

Here is the tutorial for the Combo :slight_smile: