Dangerous trend happening at the market right now.

I’m not sure this is the right place to post this but since this is the marketplace forums it seems like the appropriate place.

So, I haven’t seen anyone talking about this but to me there’s an obvious trend going on right now on the marketplace, who knows for how long. Let’s take a look at the New Content page right now on marketplace, as seen in the picture.

As shown, there is quite clearly a case of voting manipulation going on. Now one might say it’s not that big of an issue since it clearly shows that there’s only one vote, but still, there’s a good portion of the latest marketplace items that are marked with 5 stars, in some cases within an hour of being released, as is the case with the first item in my picture which wasn’t available a couple of hours ago, and now it has 5 stars.

It could be that someone is buying these immediately, and then realizing the product is amazing thus rating it 5 stars, but I wouldn’t bet on that being the case for the majority of the new entries. If you keep going through the New Content section on the marketplace through the following pages, you’ll see a bunch of items rated 5 stars with only one vote, some have more votes but also started off with 5 stars. It’s quite clearly vote manipulation.

It seems like no one from the marketplace at Epic is doing quality control, or it might be the case that they are powerless to stop it. All I know is that it’s pretty shady to constantly have new assets already rated 5 stars. It could trick people into believing the asset is good even though no legit consumer has given that rating.

Something should be done about this.