Dangen Area


FPS Game with different gamemodes, Bomb rush, Teamm DeathMatch, FFA and more, the game its made about 50%. Need to make weapons systems, animations for them, characters, and a well made level. Also need to implement steam for multiplayer and widgets for it.


  • Gamemodes
  • Basic anims
  • Fast made level
  • A.I. well made system
  • Throw Grenades system
  • Third person and first person

Team Name:
** Dangen Studio**

**Team Structure: **

  • Stefan - Project Creator

Talent Required:

Level Designer:

**Someone who can make a beautiful and lag less map.

Blueprints Scripter:

Someone who can make systems for weapons and character

3D Artist:

Someone who can make meshes and also guns

Anim Blueprints:

Someone who can make anims to look smoth and well done.


Discord : STEFAN#2244
Email :
Skype : danutastefan