Dancing with Paragon Women

I’m an old guy who is learning Unreal Engine just for fun. My first app lets me dance tango in virtual reality with Paragon women. They can follow my movements and react accordingly.

If you have any advice or suggestions for improvements, please comment. I’m not trying to create anything commercial; this app is just for my own enjoyment.

A couple of ideas that I have: Currently I’m using Oculus Rift, so I have the cable to worry about. Porting this to a standalone headset is an obvious thing to do. Also, using an augmented reality headset like Magic Leap, and seeing my actual physical surroundings instead of these fantasy environments, would open up some new possibilities. Anthing else?

I actually think there’s a lot of viability in this as part of a larger game.

Thanks for your comment. I agree completely.

I’m just thinking about Witcher 3, and Geralt’s interactions with Triss and Yennefer, and in the first DLC he actually dances with Shani. Gamified, something like this could be a fun sidequest in a similar VR game. Maybe you would have to perform some dance moves correctly to complete the quest, or just make your dance partner happy.

And there are so many other possibilities: multiplayer games, party games, there are lots of possibilities.

Looks really interesting, especially as an element in a larger game. Like something as in Sid Meier’s Pirates, dancing with the different Gouverneurs daughters :slight_smile:
Or as a way to train different dances on your own.

Have you considered looking into adding the body of the player? Full body might be complex, but seeing your own arms and perhaps part of the torso could probably help with immersion.

Cool project!

Thanks Joakim!

Adding player’s arms and hands would be easy, but since I cannot add more than that for the time being, I decided against it. There is no feet tracking, so I don’t always know the exact location of player’s feet, and if they were in a different place in VR and real world, the player would probably fall over and might hurt himself…

I’m waiting for a good, commercial and affordable solution for foot tracking, and then I can improve several things and add a body for the player. The dance hold restricts how people can move. I already know the exact location of head and hands, and if I can also have the exact location of feet, I pretty much know what the whole body is doing. I’m really looking forward to adding more stuff.