Damping / Brake issue


I’ve been struggling to find a solution to this, of which I suppose, easy ‘problem’.

The problem contains a physic’s object, connected with a Physics Constraint.
The object / Physics Constraint, has Linear locked. What I want to do is lock it’s Angular Y-axis, but not by simply ‘Locking’ it, but have it lock like an ‘Air Brake’ would do, or something like Damping.
By using Set Damping to over 50000, the object got stuck into place, as I want it to, whenever I want it to, BUT as the object is a ‘Child’ object / Constraint Object, it does tend to move abit, duo to it’s paren’t movement.
What I am looking for is either a Air-Brake kind a like, or a smooth version of the Hand Brake. And by smooth, I mean, not an instant ‘Lock / Brake’

So the object should be held / locked into it’s currect angular position using some sort of force.

There is probably some easy solution to this that I’ve missed, but could not find the answer myself, is there anyone ?

Thanks in advance!

This Blueprint does actually lock the object into place, but I can’t get it to lock on it’s local rotation/axis. Using this method it will jump back to it’s original axis of 0,0,0. Which is not what I want it to do.

Having a hard time getting it right :confused:


Anyone with a possible solution hopefully? :slight_smile:

Still having this issue, perhaps someone with a solution ?