Damping a pawn's flying velocity

I’m using the Phys_Flying on my player pawn to add a wall climbing mechanic.

In the player controller I’m using PlayerMove() and ProcessMove() in a WallClimbing state (which extends the PlayerFlying state) to move the player pawn around the wall.

This works fine, however there’s always residual velocity applied to the pawn outside of the ProcessMove() function, so as I decrease the velocity (to dampen the pawn’s movement speed), it struggles to get down to zero velocity. I assume this is getting applied by the pawn’s physics.

How can I increase the damping of movement speed when flying?

Also; if you extend PlayerFlying state and change nothing (other than the state name), the flying has much lower damping than the default flying state. Ie: It takes a long time for the player to come to stop after letting off from the movement controls. How is this possible? I would assume the extended state should be identical to the PlayerFlying state.

This file was made for climbing not much in it. MantleReachSpec tons of cpp stuff to use in that file and 2 files below it files.