Damaging 1 Destructible Static Mesh Fractures All Instances of the Mesh

I have a blueprint that contains a Destructible Static Mesh Component. When I apply damage to the blueprint using the standard damage functionality, it applies damage to the DSM component which causes it to fracture. This works fine.

However, when I place 4 of these blueprints in the world (and therefore have 4 separate DSMs), when I shoot one of the meshes, it causes all 4 meshes to fracture, even though in blueprint I am only applying damage to the mesh that was hit.

Is there a setting somewhere that is causing all the DSMs to be treated as one instance and so fracturing one causes all other instances of the same mesh to fracture?

I found the issue I was having, I had the “Form Extended Structures” set on the destructible mesh and since the 4 meshes were touching I guess it considered them all 1 structure and so damage was applied to them all, causing the fracturing of all meshes.