Damaged walls. How?

Hey guys,
I little bit stunned how do I can make that type (see attached images) of damage for a lot of walls in UE4.
I have a abandoned building with over than twenty rooms and i need to make damage for walls and in conners
Tried to find fastest and most quality way. Could you share how you are create it?

A good way to build texture variation is by using vertex painting. It’s like painting a landscape.
here is an example by uppercutgames:
the docs:

you can also use decals.
the docs:

For deep cuts and damage to the extreme of those images, you’ll want to use ZBrush and sculpt that detail in. Coupling that with Substance Designer will allow you to get hi fidelity details like that.

So for the large damage chunks, you need to model that in. For the small high frequency details, you’ll want to create materials and textures rather than modeling those in.