Damaged Wall in Unreal Engine 4

Hello guys,

iam actually up on building a little scene in ue4. Therefore i want to place a damaged and kind of “rough” wall. I made my own tileable texture out of creating stones in zBrush, polypaint them and bake my maps after.

How can i create a damaged wall in UE4. It shall be look something like in this direction:

I dont know if i’ve to model these pieces and let them look destructive and fit the texture to it anyway or do it in the engine. So in this cause iam a totaly noob. Hope you guys can give a good problem solving.


Hey, I am a newbie but will try to use my newly acquired knowledge to answer your question.

I am not sure if you mean: You want the wall to be destroyable or if you want it to be damaged as a static mesh.

Now these are 2 different things.

To make an object destroyable, you will need to use blueprints. The way you can do this is tell the blueprints that when your object is hit it should switch to the next mesh (destroyed mesh), and to play this animation (destroying animation).

If you want to just make a wall that looks like this, get a free program like Blender, and learn it. If you have money invest in either Maya or 3DS Max, and ZBrush.

Use these tools too:

  1. Build the general mesh
  2. Use ZBrush to refine
  3. Get textures, normal maps etc (materials)
  4. UV Unrwap if needed
  5. Add the textures
  6. Fix everything up a little bit
  7. Import into assets and add it to your scene.

In order to learn to create assets such as that wall you will want to learn some modelling.

You have to do it in a 3d program -> Destroyed wall tutorial - YouTube (this is a very basic example) I would also recommend you to take a look at the destroyed stuff in Skyrim -> they have made everything in the 3d program :slight_smile:

Hey there,

sry i should have been more precise on my question. i want to make a static mesh who’s gonna looked destroyed. Thanks for the video you posted. Is there any information how the skyrim makers done this exactly? i searched but i dont find any article or videos.


Unfortunately no, but you could take a look at them in the game (will also help to get an idea how you could do it :)) -> or take a look at some models that you can buy: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-ruin-church/728366

In 3ds Max you could create the basic shape of the wall and import it in ZBRUSH to add details.
As for the tile rubble, you can do the same thing as the wall, make different variations of tile blocks, re import back to 3ds max and position them in a natural way like they are a part of the wall and by adding a gravity force on them and moving by hand you can come up with different variations of ruined walls that you can use.

Also keep in mind to convert all in one mesh.

Thanks for these tipps. Whats about the polycount. i’ve seen some walls with over 70.000 polys others stick with 3-4k. Is there any orientation i should stick too, because 70.000 is way to much

As less as possible while making sure it still looks good. Walls in particular shouldn’t require a lot of polys since most of the details are taken care of by normal maps etc.

Here’s a low-poly sample of modular walls:

This is a good tutorial for get randomness to your 3d rubble pile if you’re got Max/Maya. It may be possible in Blender, but I’m not sure.