Damage Volume Doesn't Damage Player

I want something along the lines of the damage effect that happens when running the swamp cave, but I can’t seem to make it work. Either it doesn’t work in PIE or I’m doing it wrong.

So far I’ve tried both Damage Volume Base and Damage Volume Swamp, as well as copying the Swamp Cave Physics volume from the sub-level. None of them have worked. I double checked to make sure it wasn’t a level blueprint even, but the sub-level doesn’t have a level blueprint at all so it can’t be that. Maybe I missed something, or I’m not understanding what I actually need to be doing. Either way any help is greatly appreciated

So you’re trying to make an area that you walk into and get damaged by an invisible force?
You’ll need to make a box, capsule or sphere around the object or in the area you want then setup an overlap event to do damage when someone or something enters the trigger area similar to this

I appreciate the input. And while that would be the same general effect, it’s not quite what I’m going for.

I’m seeking the same behavior as the swamp cave, where by the player takes damage when not wearing protective clothing (i.e. Scuba helmet and shirt). The Damage Volume Base has all the variables available for this functionality, but doesn’t seem to work when I place it. My first thought was that I was trying to use the wrong volume so I swapped to the Damage Volume Swamp, but the effect still doesn’t happen. I then tried copying the main volume from the swamp cave sub-level with the same result. I can’t help but feel that I’m missing a step or some other actor, but checking other sub-levels hasn’t revealed anything so far.