i am trying to make my weapon blueprint class, have a variable that is “ammount of damage” and have it effect when the player “hits” an enemy. currently, on the PLAYER CHARACTER script, there is a function called, enemy take damage. when the enemy is hit, it DEALS 10 FLOAT. i want this float to be public, but attached to the weapon prefab. so i can adjust it on the fly. can anyone help me please? im using the rpg starter kit!

Correct me if i wrong but do you just simply have a damage variable on your prefab, that can call the function EnemyTakeDamage on your player character? If so, set your weapon prefab damage variables to public, modify your enemyTakeDamage to a function that take a float variable as the input, then replace that input with the Deal10Float variable.

hey bro, thanks for answering. i had since figured out the answers, and got damage working! i will post some screenshots, although u are correct i may have done it slightly different. i could not figure out how to post pics here until just now hehe. the “damage” variable was not tied to the weapon so it had to be created, and it is tied to the weapon itself now that i made some changes. so when you place a prefab, you type in an integer value, and it is contained within the modular weapon prefab.