Damage to Destructible Mesh Not Applying

So I’m trying to destroy a Destructible Actor within the Character BP, it all goes through (the string appears) but no damage is applied, even though it’s specified, I’ve tried it with different amounts but nothing still happens, what could I be missing from here?



Why don’t you try to make a Cutom Event or Function in your Destructible Rock Blueprint where it localy applies the damage to the destructible component… and then in your ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint just cast to the Destructible Rock and call the function…

Good luck! Hope it works! :smiley: :wink:
Good Luck!

Something like this? Then what would I set as the Object in Cast to Rock at?



You want to subtract health from destructible actor or destroy it to pieces?
“Destructible component” is actor or component? how that bp where you applying damage…

I want to destroy it to pieces, I figure that I don’t have to take out its health?

Would this suffice?


What would I set as the Target in the Character BP then?

so this is a little complicated…
in destructible mesh (destructible mesh “editor”) set:

  1. Enable impact damage
  2. enable debris
  3. debris timeout
  4. debris something (i dont remember name) set from -1 to 1

now you can destroy mesh with projectile impacts, but i recommend to use radial force → fire impulse for destroying that mesh. in radial force i think you must enable impact damage or something like that…

try these steps… if you wont be successfull, i can send you my screens when ill be at home, i have many DMs working very well… like this :slight_smile:

The thing is that I don’t want to destroy them with impact damage, I just want it to be destroyed when pressing that key.

Mine bp doesnt destroying meshes on impact… it only looks like that. Im using bp where is universal way how to destroy these meshes… because im not using impact. Im doing it with projectile overlap but i can do it with keypress too when i replace overlap node with keypress…

Do you have a screenshot of your BP? Thanks by the way.

Apply Damage node…

Bump up Damage Amount far higher and try setting Impulse Strength too, any change?

Nope, bumping these values a lot doesn’t change anything.

Unless this is about specific mesh settings, the only real differences I see from your set-up to mine is:

  1. I link Get-Actor-Location (of the destructible mesh) to HitLocation (you’re assuming local / relative).
  2. I bump up the other values mentioned to really high numbers in the millions, then dial them down.

(its for multiplayer setup)

I did what you said here but the result is the same, nothing happens, I really don’t know why.


i apply damage to actor, not to component. basically my destructible mesh has 1 hp but nothing can touch him till actor has more that his XYZ health. if actors health drop below 0, then i set collision of destructible to “collide” with radial damage and that radial force destroy destructible mesh…

The problem is that you’re destroying it in the BP of what you want to destroy, not in another BP unrelated to that one, which is what I’m trying to do.