Damage not working!

Hello! I am trying to create a health system in-game, I have a ray cast, and whatever actor it hits it will apply damage. For some reason, the damage is never received, it wont trigger on event damage at all!
Here is a screenshot of my current blueprint (The hit actor is the other actor from the break hit result, which is from the ray cast.)

the problem is with the collision in my opinion , make sure tick the box of simulate generate event and generate overlap event and such things .

This doesn’t seem to be it… I have generate hit event checked for both the collision capsule and the arms skeletal mesh…

Try to check the type of the collision (object type under collision ) for both the causer of the damage and the object that receive the damage (the one who receive the damage object type of it must be block).

ex : the projectile collision (causer ) must be world dynamic , and the one who receive the damage must block world dynamic . all what i mention is under world dynamic tab .

At least that was my problem .hope this is your problem .

I am using a raycast, not a projectile, but thanks for the pointers.

I tried using a projectile, and set its collision to world dynamic, and then set my capsule to block world dynamic, and it still wont work…