Damage Event is not triggering


so I got the topdown example with a few modifications but that shouldn’t be important for this issue.

My problem is:

I got a character standing around. If I click on him the player character will walk up to him (until he is in attack range) and then shoot a projectile. This works perfectly so far. The projectile will hit the random character standing around and will destroy itself.

Right before that I am calling the “Apply Damage” node to deal damage to that character. However the “Event Any Damage” will not receive anything.

I have for debug purposes a “Print String” behind my “Any Damage” event which gets never called.

Now the first assumption would be that I am not calling the right damaged actor. However I’m not even using the “overlapped” actor but rather one I provide when spawning the projectile. If I destroy that target actor instead of the projectile that character standing around gets destroyed as one would expect.

Here a few pictures about the setup I got

The Projectile itself:

The actor class which gets hit (I previously used the parent class to handle this… well that wasn’t the issue either).

Yes the parent call is disconnected right now as I only want to get the input at all before debugging anything else. The “PrintString” should work though which it isn’t.

And last but not least the function which gets called when the character should autoattack (this works as well… at least it gets called. If there is an error I overlook it).

Outside of this picture is only a bit of return logic and the condition which works as it does fire the “AA!” Print String and fires a projectile.

Can I have any answer?

Is it a bug and I just have to wait a version?

Hello Erasio,

I was able to have the “Any Damage” node fire off. In saying that I have a question for you. Could you run a print string off your damage variable to make sure that it is not zero? If your damage variable is producing no damage it will not fire off the “Any Damage” node. For a simple test you could try hard coding damage in to make sure that this is not the issue. Please let me know if this helps.

Make it a great day


Wow, I spent like an hour trying to figure out why the damage event wasn’t firing off, and this was it! Thanks!

Just here to say thanks. How did something so simple become so invisible… maybe nice feature request to let the Event any damage still fire even if the damage is 0 ?

I just ran into this myself and was wondering if anyone else did as well. Glad I’m not alone. Calling damage with a base damage of ‘0’ makes sense for games that do not revolve around health points. I’m all for having the OnAnyDamage event always fire when ApplyDamage is called.

Please, i have the same problem, but when i set the damage of my projectile it doesn´t work… I tried to set the damage of my projectile based on the damage of my character, and when i set the variable it´s ok, but when i call apply damage and use the local damage of my projectile it´s 0.

Yes, I’m also having a similar problem.

Thank you very much for this. I had an dynamic variable but in the test case it was zero. Apparently not triggering then which may be logical.

thank you … you saved my time