Damage animation text

Do you guys have any idea about how to make this type of damage text ?

If it’s happening in your HUD you can just add a widget to screen that has the animation and have it play the change and on finish playing it removes itself from parent

nah, its not happening in my HUD.
I just want to show my bullet damage text on the screen when an enemy hit by the bullet like the (+100) in the photo.

I’d do this effect in the hud
Is the perfect tutorial

Thank You so much. :):slight_smile:

In this example it’s not the “damage” (screenshot) it’s +100 points to your killstreaks :slight_smile:
I personaly would use text render so the dmg would show above the player. Even better, make a setting out of it.

  1. Log (like chat window)
  2. Render Text above player
  3. Show dmg above crosshair

Make a var and a bool for this so people will set this up how they want :slight_smile: