"Daily Questions & Review Summary" Emails

When you send out these emails, they usually include a link like this:

" JordanService, there’s been some activity on your Unreal Engine Marketplace product(s)!
Here’s a summary of recent and/or outstanding posts from the last 24 hours."

And there is a link that I guess is supposed to take me to the comment… but it never works. It just takes me to the general marketplace. I have no idea where the comment is. It would be great if the link would just take you to the comment, so I can address it-- or even just read it… rather than try to search for it…

What would be even cooler if I could reply to comment from my email.

Also, why email me “you have a comment” rather than just telling me the comment itself.

The email should be Xuser left you a Comment: "What is the resolution of the textures for the podium and are you planning any additions to the scene? " Right in the email!

It would be cool if I could respond to the email and it go to the comment section. has a feature like this.

That would be so much more helpful and increase the speed which I can reply to marketplace questions. Right now, just reading the comment takes too many steps, and the steps should be reduced as much as possible.