DA-SH (School project)

Hia Guys!

I’m very happy to announce that after around 6 years (1/3 of my life lel) of making games, I have finally “finished” one! In a week!

It’s basically a game for a school project, to teach my fellow students about dashes. Obviously not a super fun topic.

I had the option to make a poster or video, but I decided that I wanted to make a game using UE4.
And here’s the final result! I see no reason to actually upload the files to make it playable, since 100% of the game is seen in the video… so I guess watch it if you want! (Sorry about the framerate, recording makes everything so slow!)

This release makes me happy cause I’ve finally finished a project! I’ve worked on countless projects since I was in 6th grade, but other than a little retro santa game this is my first “true” release! (even if people won’t be playing it)

Soooo ye! Something to put on my resume! xD

Special thanks to Epic Games for their 3rd and 1st person robot models, they were very useful! :slight_smile: