D3D Device Removed

Rtx 3090
cpu 10900k
32g ram @3200
m.2 980 pro evo
m.2 870
all water cooled

how do i fix it?. only started doing it UE5 never did in UE4

yes everything is updated from bios to drivers

nothing ?

This seems to be an issue related to the most recent Nvidia Driver, somehow also related to Direct X 12 on Windows 11 machines:

However this helped in very few occasions:

Sometimes it might also be related to other issues:

Nevertheless this issue did not get resolved for me, I have a similar machine like yours. It is out of question that the VRAM is insufficient, I barely get to 6GB, it is still not resolved from Nvidia…

Cheers mate yeah i checked that out even everything to low still crashing atlest 5-6 a day. Never had this problem with ue4 (with the same pc set up)
Ive just lernt to crt s everytime i do something. Frustrating yes!!

Plus he talks about vram alot its not my vram lucky to use 8g at the momment

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Sadly the Problem still exist…


try undervolting. Hope it helps you like helped me: