D.R.A.G.O.N (A hack n slash) Solo dev looking for talented people to assist

Project Title:
D.R.A.G.O.N (not final name)

UDK Project not Unreal 4

This game is a very simple hack n slash where the player takes on gigantic bosses and slashes their way through many enemies.
the player along the way acquires new weapons to add to their arsenal. **(Email me for more details and screens of the project) **

Current state
only started to be developed needs A Lot of work

This game is nothing massive since its my first project and your first project isn’t supposed to be your dream project.
I only intend for this game to be quite small but not too small.

Story Mode
Free Play Mode (freely explore the environment)
a arsenal of 20 weapons maybe even 15

Previous Work:
First Unreal Game

Talent Required:
Level Designer
. must have good level design skills
. must be able to create stunning and beautiful looking levels

3D Modeler
. Must be able to model pretty anything put in front of them
. must have texturing abilities with photoshop

. must be able to do walk cycle/attack/death and jump animations
. must be able to rig models

. must have a good knowledge of unrealscript (This is a UDK Project)
. must have a good knowledge of kismet

Under Construction

E-mail: machina1000@gmail.com
Skype: none
Facebook: Vindicator Icarus

Thanks Guys Remember English is not my first language :slight_smile: