D-PARC [Blockchain - Fused] - Create a character that you truly own.

Develop a blockchain-fused character that can evolve over time based on your in-game actions. D-PARC is a game where your decisions carry eternal consequences – just like real life.

From digital assets on the open economy that you own - to identity based on characters you cultivate, we want you to get a glimpse of what’s possible now that blockchains are here.

A psychological deep space survival game, D-PARC combines first person perspectives with space travel and intense ship-to-ship combat encounters.

All game footage captured in Unreal:

More details on the way!

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Designing the ADU-135 [ARTICLE] Designing the ADU-135. In the D-PARC universe, the ADU-135… | by James Mayo | 8 Circuit Studios | Medium

Great job ! Im realy curious about your game concept !
The graphic design is realy cool, but can you be more specific about the survival gameplay ? Is it full online ?

Thanks for checking it out! I’ll post more footage and information around core gameplay and asset ownership over the next few months. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: