D-Day Oculus Rift experience


im just staring to build a D-Day oculus experience. To save time I bought a highpoly of a C-47. When i started I got ~ 36 000 polys. Then i baked it to ~ 11 000 polys and started to UW mapping and texture the base of the aircraft.
Then I started to modelling the interior. My Goal is to make a experience someting like this:

Here is some work in progress pictures:

here is some early in-engine pictures

Update on texture work

UPDATE! Soldier work in progress

My plan is to make the plane as a blueprint pawn that I can have all the soldiers and player. Then animate everything in the matinee. Do you have any experience in animating a pawn in Matinee? I have had trouble being able to animate the movements of the pawn in the matinee.

Some progress to day with texturing.