D.A.R.K. a Top Down Shooter

Hey guys,

My friend and I have been working on D.A.R.K. for a little over a month now. It’s a top down shooter that we plan on releasing to steam sometime this summer. Here’s the link to IndieDB

Very short video:

If you could, please let us know what you think so far!

Thank you,

Added a little scenery to the level. Let me know what you think!

Hey, i’d say it is a good start. Now populate your world and make en entire level, keep up! :wink:

Thanks macoll! That’s exactly what we’re working on now. Making a small playable demo.

We just added a new weapon called the KID-8. It’s a shotgun that fires 4 projectiles with each shot. We are still working with the sound effects to make them all blend together a little nicer. Let us know what you think!

I like your music :smiley:

What a coincidence, we like our music too! :smiley:
It is perfect for our environment!

We are live on Steam Greenlight! Go give us a vote!