CypberPunk 3d Fighter looking for Environment, VFX,Character & Creature Artists

Carnage(working title) takes place in a cyberpunk society where gang clans can claim the different territorial areas of city districts. The only positions left to fill include a 3d character artist, 3d creature artist, 3d environment artist, and VFX artist.

Gameplay is based on scavenging through the alien-infested ruins of destroyed cities blocks, claiming & protecting territory, finding better territory ( Destroyed City block < Outskirts < Slums < Main Street Areas), fighting in ladder matches, creating a clan, initiating clan members, going to war against other clans, going on raids against large gang bosses or aliens that lurk in the ruins of the destroyed cities blocks, building up your own move set for your custom character, moving up in rank at a notorious gang clan, completing the main story, jacking loot from weaker scavengers, kicking out weak clan members, and mastering your cybernetic equipment/weapons/abilities.

Rank #1 Ghost Clan
Clan Boss: Zombie
High-Rank Members: Spook, HeadHunter, Cackle, Quick, Jackie, Reaper.

Rank #2 RedMoon Clan
Clan Boss: BloodHound
High-Rank Members: Plasma, Ironclad, Monster, Rounin, Sleuth.

Send your resume and portfolio to [EMAIL=“”]



Is this a paid project or a rev share?

Sorry, the gig is a rev share.