"Cyllinder" aligned with the world.

There is some way to align the collision cube with the pawn instead with the world?

If not, I have to make the holes overdimensioned.

I think collision cubes have to stay aligned to the world because that makes collision so simple. But is there a reason why this pawn has a collision box instead of a cylinder? And if you had to change the size of something, you could also change the size of the collision box to fit up there.

There is a way to use the cylinder as collision shape instead the cube?

I use the “collisioncylinder” in my pawns, not the cube, but what really collides is the cube that englobes the cylinder… I’m doing something wrong?

the cylinder is only used for pawn-pawn collisions AFAIK, no way to change that
a few older threads attempted to do it a bit differently, by using a staticmesh as collisioncomponent with per-poly collision. can’t remember if any were successful tho

Aha, then the cylinder is used for something… So seems that the best option is to oversize the holes, the doors, etc. Almost it’s cheap to use with a large number of pawns at the same time.

From what I know you can have multiple collision models per object/pawn, and set their collision channels so each collides with something else, maybe you can use that to make the collision with terrain use a smaller box than the one used for normal collisions.

UDK can only use one component per actor for collision (except for RigidBody collision), and collision channels are only there for RigidBody collisions :smiley:

Oh, that sounds familiar actually.

Then perhaps the main collision model can be safely scaled down, if you use only per-poly collisions for combat then it might be fine? Since I assume there would be no significant gameplay impacts, except bumping other characters.

there would be more impacts of course. going through walls would be the more obvious one, but also the collision would “bump” up and down as your character moves since the feet would determine the minumum vertical point of the collision.
in short: using the character mesh for simple collisions is really not recommended

Yeah, the character go up and down, but this can be solved using some damper with the translation.z. I don’t use it because I have events with 100 bots, and this is slow. Also the pawn don’t collide with foliage tool actors. But in another game type, with less characters, can be a good option.