Project Title:**
CydoniA Virgo

CydoniA Virgo is a FPS game which tells a story of martian explorer and archaeologist. The expedition discovered the remnants of the ancient martian civilization but it wasn’t prepared for all the dangers that lurked beneath the sands of Mars. Everyone, except the main character, dies after a gruesome incident inside one of the tombs. From this moment he must face all the mystical horrors and secrets of the Red Planet.

The main idea of the game is to let you feel yourself not only as a tough guy crushing monsters but also an explorer that searches and examines ancient alien civilization with its mystic cults and various artifacts. All the information that you gather from puzzles, artifacts and different other sources will reveal more of the history of the Cydonia region and the great secret behind it. This will also influence your own level of experience (or rating) that will have affect on the ending of the game as well as grant or restrict your access to different locations.
Sometimes you will have to dig out the whole rooms to reveal mechanisms and artifacts, break the fake walls to get to secret chambers.
This game can be described as a fusion of Doom, Resident Evil and Alice.


Team Name:
Luminifern Software

Team Structure:
Ivan Vavilov (Project Creator)
Project Managment, Game Design, 3d art, Textures, Concept art

Sergi Ledesma Sánchez (Programmer, blueprint specialist)
Filipe Orsato Tessaro (Programmer, blueprint specialist)
John Anderson (Music composer)
Pierrick Querolle (Sound FX artis)

Talent Required:


  • Skills in creating and implementing animations to the Engine
  • Knowledge of 3d modelling software such as 3dmax, maya, lightwave etc.

Concept artist

  • Must be able to create good concepts of interiors
  • Experience in drawing characters is a plus

Special FX artist

  • Knowledge of Engine
  • Ability to create good effects

3d artist

  • Good knowledge of Zbrush
  • Texturing experience is a plus
  • Engine experience is a plus

I am looking for people who would become the core of the company, those, who are passionate about games and willing to learn and work hard to make good games alive.
Experience in game industry is a big plus, but not a requirement - I am open to everyone who got talent and good portfolio.

The current goal is a playable demo version which will then be sold through Steam. All the payments will be royalty based on the sales of the demo version.

Twitter -
CydoniA Virgo Windows game - Indie DB
More stuff here - ArtStation - Ivan Vavilov

Ivan Vavilov (Kvazimodo)
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
You can also send me a private message.

Reminds me of a comic series by Dark Horse Comics called Heiroglyph about a lone astronaut exploring the ancient ruins of an alien planet that was quite a lot like Mars. :slight_smile: Cool stuff!

Heh, curious. :slight_smile:

We still need people for the project

Excellent work, i wish you all the best !

Looking for talents. Join us - we need you.

Up, still need people.