Cyborg Raiden vs Ryu Hayabusa!

I couldn’t help myself but post a VS thread. They can be a lot of fun. I just started playing the game Metal Gear Rising, which has been a lot of fun so far. While I am a Metal Gear fan I am also a Nnja Gaiden fan. I thought Team Ninja did a great job with the series. Anyway, I got to thinking, what would it be like if Cyborg Raiden faced off with Ryu Hayabusa!

Here is how I break down the battle:

Strength: Raiden wins by a landslide, with the ability to parry a Metal Gear!

Speed: In my opinion they are equal in speed. Ryu can block bullets and phantomize himself, moving so fast he leaves an after image.

Durability: Raiden as he is a cyborg.

Endurance: Ryu I believe wins this category, as he is not dependant on consuming energy after extensive battle like Raiden is. Ryu can fight for days on end without fatigue.

Skill: in terms of pure technique and skill, I believe Ryu wins here as well. He is an absolute master with the sword and hand to hand combat.

I think Ryu would probably take the win here. Typically Ryu can take an aggressive offense and kill his enemy with ease. However in this case, I think Ryu is smart enough to go into survival mode and stay alive long enough to let the Cyborg’s energy deplete and study the cyborgs attack’s patterns, abilities, weapons and quickly use it against him. In terms of technique and strategy, I think Ryu is superior. That would probably win him the battle. However, it would be close. I haven’t beaten the Metal gear game yet though. So maybe I am underestimating Raiden.

What do you guy’s think?


I’m curious as to why you think so. Maybe I am missing something. I haven’t played anything after MGS3 except for of course Metal gear Rising Reveangence (which I am still trying to beat). So maybe I missed something on Gray Fox. Last I saw of him though he did was getting his butt handed too him by Metal Gear Rex, an outdated piece of tech compared to Raiden alone. I must say though, I love the Gray Fox Skin and sword in the game, it is pretty awesome.