CyberPunkX Open-World TPS Sci-Fi

Game Name: CyberPunkX

Game Page:

Early alpha 0.2 demo footage:

CyberPunkX is a open world sci-fi third person shooter game set in a seedy underbelly cyberpunk city filled with variations of factions, cyber terrorists and CRIME!

Meet The 18 year old pink haired cyberpunk girl named “Kurumi”
Kurumi was recently recruited by a secret government agency known as “Sector X”.

at the moment the full game will aim to feature:

  • main story missions
  • side missions
  • random events
  • fully open world set in a BIG cyberpunk city
  • Mechs/Robot warfare!
  • Scan IDs & Hack Npcs in-game - early footage:
  • Faction Relationships
  • 1080p 60fps
    0.2 Demo:
    The agents of chaos Are lurking in Cyberpunk Citys neon District waiting for government agents to assassinate, Eliminate The Agents of Chaos from the neon district.

enjoy everyone.