Cyberpunk Slums Proyect

Hi, Welcome to my UA School Cyberpunk Environment Project, I will try to summarize the proccess of what I do and the End Result.

Did you leave something out?

Welp, a lot has Happened, but the important thing is, here’s the content I have until now, i have not finished yet, but I expect to finish it for the 12th of June (6 days left).

Most of the models here will have from 2048x2048px to 4096x4096px textures.

Well, i have separated the images in different groups so it’s easier, let’s see:

Here you will see the captures I made for the blocking, plus some ideas I copied into pureref.

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Now, after developing some more the blocking, and looked for some more reference, I started to work a bit on 3D models.

Advanced on Buildings and some Megascans models I downloaded to start building up the environment.