Cyberpunk Music video against air pollution [ART DUMP]

Hey guys! Me and my team made a music video with Niciton band. Niciton is one of the few bands that laid foundation of rock genre in our country.
So long story to short, our capital city ulaanbaatar got air pollution problems. It worse than Beijing. In the cold nights or mornings you can’t even see 10m front of you. So they decided to make song about it, and music video too. Then they reached out to us and we made it.
We tried lot of, looot of different things like Nvidia VXGI, nVidia Hairworks etc. So.
Here’s the video.

We’re gonna start posting our work in progress or final models and materials from monday!
Oh and almsot forgot. We’re gonna share our assets, and Rigged characters too!

Really great work! How long did this take to make, how many people etc?

Thank you Frankech!
3 of us worked on this almost 6 months. It was a pure emotional rollercoaster for us! haha

Sooo, lets start from one of the 3 main characters.

Working on his design was like dream come true!
I’ve always wanted to do cyberpunk cinematics, but when the clients wants exactly what you want, then it becomes pure joy!

You can see more images and download link from here!