Cyberpunk FPS Project

Started as a team based military shooter. I explored my limitations for a while, recently decided that I could pull off an oldschool cyberpunk shooter with my limited blueprint knowledge. These are my initial tests, I was basically playing around with the UE blueprint. Beware, horribly inefficent systems and bugs, extremely glitchy enemy AI.

I will post what it turned out to be later. (Or you could cheat and check the youtube page)

So I was using cover nodes, that makes characters crouch when overlapped. And AI with no blackboard but horrible tangled mess of a script. Yes, they are twitching when encountered by more than one character.

Here’s the rest, I restarted the project twice using what I learned, it became a fps second time around, added killcams, music and stuff. I was still using the assets I bought from the marketplace. Still nothing cyberpunk, I’m working on some concepts right now.

I know its all over the place but I’m new to the whole BP system, and the game design stuff. Will post more, I will be adding some actual concepts soon, I hope.

Restarted the project again. It’s more playable now. AI is challenging but fair. Added a lot of systems like weapon pickups, weapon classes, fall damage, physics based hit reactions and deaths. Now I feel like I can start some actual stuff, weapon designs, effects and modular set pieces.

Hey i luv it !

Im following a tutorial for a fps, i put the weapon on the hand socket, but cant make the weapon looking straight forward, did you got the same issue ?

Im basically recreating arma in ue4 if you have any interest, maybe in a near futur to add some fun

Thanks. After adjusting every animation by hand for that purpose, I recently discovered that I could just align the rotation of the weapon to the player camera while aiming. That introduced a bit more twitching to the weapon, but I eliminated that with enabling just a little bit of rotational lag to the camera.

Some more AI tweaks, now they search for cover. Started adding my custom weapons. Ragdolls are all over the place, I will work on stabilizing that, also the general performance. Also tried out tps camera, worked better than I imagined.

Refined gameplay. Fixed most of the physics stuff. I was going to add new weapons (especially energy weapons) and enemies to the project but I decided its not worth the time. Probably the last iteration of this project, for now. I will be focusing more on level design and providing marketplace content for a while. I refined all of the mechanics to a somewhat playable state. I will leave this project here as a proof of concept.