Cyberpunk Downtown VOL.2

Hello everybody,

I work on new pack “Cyberpunk Downtown” and i submit soon on the store. You are possibility to follow me on Artstation ( to see my works and you tube

Cyberpunk Industries Vol.1 is FINALLY available for sale on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace!
You’ll find an assortment cyberpunk 3D models compatible with Unreal 4.19 through to to 4.22 for $19.99 right there - - - >…industries-vol

And you can watch my video to see all possibility for build a level for your game.


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Warning, this screenshots is not final version


We hope you like these screenshots. Thanks for following us, and thanks for the support for those of you who bought the pack.

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New screenshots available here :


i add a new mesh in cyberpunk downtown is the hover car, you possibly to find screenshots here :

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WIP City :

**Preview Hover car : **

I have taken a look at your screenshots. Very Nice. However, they look too dark. Outside of the neon lights, I can’t really make out any details of the environment.

Hi, Thanks for your comment, i post a new screenshots in broad daylight

it’s better ?

This pack is submitted on Marketplace, it will appear in 15 - 20 Days on the store.

This pack is actually available on Artstation




This pack is finaly available on store :…k-downtown-vol

Soon compatibility with 4.19 and 4.20, i submit this update at this moment.

Have nice day all !

Hello guys !

My Cyberpunk Downtown is now discounted on Unreal marketplace -30% if you interested go check out on the store at this adress :

Thanks all !


I can’t run the Demo map at all because the controller has not been set up, and I can’t get it to work with my own third person character controller (which works fine on my map). Can you please provide some assistance or implement any type of controller, just so the demo level is playable.

Hello dinaga, This pack is classified and catégorie " Props " on the store, and for this categorie, no controller implemented, because if not i upload 600 mo see 1 Go additional, I work on upgrade actually. If You need to use this map, you have just delete " Matinee Actor " in the scene. And this map is totally playable.


Hello Guys, I work on upgrade for this pack actually. I retouch some modeling and texturing and rename some meshes. If you have start a project and create a new city, he have one risk after this upgrade completed to disappear in your scene some meshes. But my new modeling and texturing is better !

Modification in the pack :

  • Mesh_FenceConcrete03_B -> New Texturing and rename ( Mesh_FenceConcrete02 ) - Finish
  • Mesh_HoloBuildingHeight03 and 04 -> New Modelling, New Texturing and Rename ( Mesh_NeonBuildingHeight03 and 04 ) - Modelling Finish
  • Mesh_Vent02 -> New Modelling, New Texturing - Finish
  • Mesh_Vent01 -> New Texturing - Finish
  • Mesh_SupportNeon -> New Modelling, New Texturing - Modelling Finish
  • Mesh_SupportPillar -> New Modelling, New Texturing - Finish
  • Mesh_WallBuidling -> New Texturing and for some meshes new modelling - no starting this
  • Mesh_Screen -> New Modelling, New Texturing -Finish
  • Mesh_Screen Pipe -> New Texturing - No starting this
  • Mesh_Pipe -> New Texturing - No starting this
  • Mesh_Generator-> New Texturing - No starting this
  • Mesh_Bank -> New Texturing - No starting
  • Mesh_Cable01, 02 and 03 -> New Modelling and New texturing - No starting this
  • Mesh_Store -> New Modelling and Texturing - No starting this
  • Mesh_MiniMarket -> New Texturing - No starting this

And i possibly to add 3 new meshes, i check this after work if i have a time to work on this. Screenshots

I talk you Later Guys, i go to work !

Good Day all !


Looks good - the recent screenshots have a Fifth Element vibe :slight_smile:


Hello, Finally, I upgrade all pack and add more meshes ! Be patient, a new update arrived coming soon !


Sc02_ _ _

Sc03 _ _ _

Sc 04 _ _ _