Cyberpunk City Sound Pack

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Pleased to announce the release of the Cyberpunk City Sound Pack by Valkyrie Sound!

Now with a permanent price drop to $74.99!

Full details below, as found on the product page.

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Demo Room Overview

Demo Track

Cyberpunk City Scene

Footsteps and Foley Scene

Assets (

    (Just a moment...)) for character footsteps and Foley; human, alien, and droid vocalizations; weapons; vehicles; interactives and consumables; ambients and weather; user interface.

    Usefulness and Useability

    Every sound is useful and fully useable for maximum control and performance efficiency. Demonstrator blueprints in the Demo Map will help you get strong audio environments without heavily impacting performance.

    Valkyrie’s philosophy is that everything should be easy to use. The pack contains a Demo Map showing you how to manipulate sounds individually and collectively, layering sounds for weather and engine effects, scheduling sounds for weapons, ordering footsteps using the Animation Blueprint.

    625 unique sound waves forming 629 sound cues, 30 demonstrator sound cues, and 20 demonstrator blueprints: a comprehensive toolbox

    Custom blueprints demonstrating how to use sounds e.g. transitioning between interior and exterior spaces. These can be tweaked and placed in your own project.

    Includes looping and one-off assets for weather effects and ambient city sounds. These will add depth to your environments and makes this sound pack a comprehensive toolbox to populate a cyberpunk or sci-fi themed city with sounds.

    Includes demo map showing ways to implement sounds

    Blueprints are fully notated so you can reproduce effects, use them as templates, or use them as a stepping stone to something else.

    Clear file structure based on type - ambients, animals, character (with subfolders for footsteps, Foley, non-speaking voices, and speaking voices), consumables, weapon impacts, interactables, misc, vehicles, and weapons.

    Vocalisation options for humans, aliens, holograms, and droids

    167 unique sound waves for male / female humans and aliens, and droids! Combine to create the illusion of a unique language or use the concatenator node to build your own phrases! Randomised syllables neatly sidesteps the need for localised dialogue without needing to resort to a text-only option - ideal if your budget won’t stretch that far.

    Comprehensive Foley assets

    67 unique cues for nylon, leather, metallics, mechanicals (e.g. droids, cyborgs), denim, holograms, and medical bots! Samples for walking, running, and stealth. See the Demo Map’s ThirdPerson_Anim blueprint on setting up and triggering samples for surface types and calling different movement sounds based on character speed.

    Technical Details


    • 625 sound waves

    • 629 sound cues + 30 demonstrator sound cues

    • Interactive Demo Map includes parts you can lift out and drop into your own project

    • 20 demonstrator blueprints

    • Total of 32 demonstrator attenuation settings, sound classes, sound mixes, physical materials, and reverbs

    Number of Audio Waves: 625

    Number of Audio Cues: 629 + 30 demonstrator sound cues

    Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit Stereo WAV

    Do sounds loop?: Ambient, weather, and vehicle engine sounds loop. Demonstrators will show you how to set up looping for things like speech and pointers for configuring fully automatic weapons

    Supported Development Platforms: Built and tested on Windows 10. All sounds use Epic’s default sample and bit rates. Demonstrator blueprints use no platform-specific nodes.

    Supported Target Build Platforms: Target build is for all platforms but tested **only **on Windows 10.

    Documentation: The included documentation describes the file structure used (what you’ll find where), a comprehensive list of all 629 sound cues, summary of each demonstrator area in the Demo Map, and an overview of the file naming convention.

    Important Notes: Sounds are mixed based on their actual loudness rather than their loudness as related to each other. This means sounds have consistent volumes within and between types. This should make it easier to set up sounds in your project. Happy to provide support and answer questions on mixing sounds if required.

    **Additional Notes: **Edited and mixed in Cubase Pro 8.

The Sprawl, 2049

In a small corner of the neon-bright metropolis a car waits patiently for its owner. Inside the Pink Cat, a deal is going down that could make Arkanus Drey the richest keyboard samurai this side of Chiba.


Part One in a series showcasing sound effects in the newly released Cyberpunk City Sound Pack by Valkyrie Sound. Available now on the Epic Marketplace.

Rain, thunder, and city backdrop sound effects are used to create a sense of space and location. Four unique engine sounds - saloon, taxi, retro car, police - are attached to each vehicle’s static mesh in a blueprint. These are multi-layered sounds, a blend of 29 different engine effects based on Wipeout’s engine sound design. Attenuation settings orient the engine sounds around the in-game “mic”, which is a hidden actor in the centre of the scene.

At the very start we hear static and soft twinkling. These are labelled as hologram sound effects in the pack and have been repurposed here to enhance the visuals, reflecting the shimmer and griminess of this little scene.

The growl of thunder and the police siren near the end of the video are enhanced by reverb, applied in Unreal Engine 4. Separate reverb applied to the music in Cubase Pro 8 helps to blur the line between diegetic and non-diegetic sound: sounds that originate from inside the scene or outside. This helps to link the sound effects, music, and visuals together.

Music not included in the sound pack. 3D visual assets by Synty Studios and Unreal Engine. Video composed in Davinci Resolve.


Thanks for watching - take care,

Ash @ Valkyrie Sound

Deep below the jungle lies a dark, hidden room. Within this cramped and shining space sits a relic of unknown origin. A remnant of a long-lost civilisation, or evidence of an alien encounter?


Part Two in a series showcasing the versatility of sound effects in the recently released Cyberpunk City Sound Pack by Valkyrie Sound. Available now on the Epic Marketplace.

Footsteps respond to the floor material - concrete/carpet/stone, wood, and metal - and as they move around the characters trigger Foley sounds. These are the sounds clothing makes as you move. There is a combination of leather, denim, and nylon Foley work blended into this scene.

The Foley is deliberately placed low in the mix. This means it doesn’t directly draw attention to itself but adds to the sense of player movement.

When the characters walk, a check in Unreal Engine 4 monitors their movement speed. If it’s below a certain amount the triggered sounds relate to walking; it’s above, the sounds relate to running. This reflects the changing nature of sound when we move. When we run, sounds appear shorter and higher-pitched. In a game or film this adds to a sense of speed.

In the sound pack linked above are stealth Foley and footstep sounds too for nylon, leather, denim. These can be sweetened with a range of metallic and mechanical effects.

Underpinning the Foley and footsteps is an electric hum - the neon cage surrounding the mythical artefact. A light switch trips intermittently as we pan around the room; during the dark phases the floor changes.

A modified version of the Unreal Engine 4 ‘Cave’ reverb is applied to create a sense of space.

All sound effects are mixed using Unreal Engine 4. Music was created in Cubase Pro 8 and the scene was put together using Davinci Reverb 15.

Music not included in the sound pack. 3D visual assets by Mana Station and Unreal Engine.


Thanks for watching - take care,

Ash @ Valkyrie Sound