Cyberpunk City Simulator (Procedural, UE4+JS)

Hey guys, first time showing stuff here.

I’ve only recently ported my game over UE4 (in the past three weeks or so), thanks to Nako’s UnrealJS. Originally the game was in WebGL using THREE.js, which looked like this:

Some background about the game: I’ve been working on it for almost a year and a half now. It’s entirely procedurally generated. The mesh generation is composed of multiple tools, namely Clipper.js for 2D shape manipulation and THREE.js for 3D geometry manipulation.

The game code is all in Javascript which I only had to change like 10 lines of code to make work in Unreal, since the gameplay code is totally headless. Unfortunately the view-code has to be rewritten from scratch to pair with Unreal. My JS code talks to Unreal through blueprints. While the game is running there’s a V8 instance, and I’m generating geometry on the fly and injecting it into Procedural Mesh components.

The lighting uses Light Propagation Volumes and dynamic meshes/lights only since everything is procedural anyway and I can’t use Light Mass at all.

The gameplay is still being worked on. Currently it resembles Sim City 4 however eventually it will have themes of cyberpunk, eg mega-corporations, organized crime, near-future technologies, and cultures.

There’s still tons of work left obviously. Visually, I want the game to eventually resemble these moodboard images.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for me, I’d love some feedback.

Looks great! You seem to be well on your way to creating what your after. Visually it looks very close to the source material.

Well done, keep it up!

You can put in traffic systems for vehicles and emitters for the people walking round. All dynamically and depending on the LOD distance for good performance.
Then you should add really much more details to the streets, like traffic lights, squares, subway-stations and put more variety in the buildings themself. Also adding some variation to the “landscape” would add more realistic feel, like hills, rivers, parks within the city…and so on.

for me SC4 is one of the best games of all time, so much time making city’s, I wish you the best of luck

Hey Mflux,

Got a question for you. How many Procedural Mesh Components do you have currently on the screen and how is performance currently?

What you have currently looks awesome.

Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

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Looks good but that’s not cyberpunk at all, should look more like the image below if your going for a future feel.

Agreed with OverRated, as a long time Cyberpunk fan (hard to be a fan of a genre that no longer really exists) I think it looks more like just a normal metropolis. Needs to have that Tokyo fusion & high tech slums. The work itself looks awesome though, I just want to see more cyberpunk influences.