Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red just revealed 1H gameplay from their upcoming game: Cyberpunk 2077

I have been extremely impressed and thought of making a reaction thread here!

The video for those who haven’t seen it yet:

Really gives me a ton of motivation to see such wonderful breathing and living digital world!
This RPG from the first person perspective feels like a simulation, incredibly immersive.

I don’t know how they also managed to get that many AI character on the the screen, Never seen anything like that!

Night City simply looked ‘Unreal’.

CDProjekt have raised the bar really high with this one!

Yeah, I’m looking forward to this game. CDPR have consistently put out very enjoyable games.

I learned a few things from the gameplay they showcased, for example is the way CP2077 handles quests and player decisions in an open world RPG environment.

But still, it would be easier if I can tinker around with CP2077’s quest system by myself, for now I can only take incomplete notes.

was the Cyberpunk 2077 developed in the unreal engine? if so it would be great if there was a devkit.
I develop in ARKdevkit but it no longer appeals to me

No. They use their own engine.

I was impressed during the presentation, too, but the reality wasn’t so great.