Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One problems foretold by Zak Parrish in Dev Days 2018 Video

I know that CD Projekt Red doesn’t use Unreal Engine, but this still applies to their methodology in how they make a game. I was watching this video titled ‘Overcoming Common Early Challenges in Unreal Engine | Dev Days 2018 | Unreal Engine’ on YouTube and at realized that Zak Parrish reminded me about how Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t running well on last gen consoles, Xbox One, and PS4. Watch the 35:30 to 35:47 timestampand you will hear Zak say:

The Video

This is weird because all development houses have dev kits to debug builds and can also setup virtual machines with emulated hardware constraints to test performance.
If devs ignore those things then it’s a path to disaster.

There’s a reason why many hire thirdparty porting teams when the main team is still crunching.
There are many studios specialized in creating good console ports. What they charge will cost less than a PR disaster like what just happened to this game.

Maybe, or maybe its just about GREED. Massive releases share a lot in common with banking, to billionaires living in reality-distortion-fields. :wink: So guess what - they knew! They just didn’t care. Like banksters selling derivatives to suckers. What they didn’t bank on, was console makers pulling the plug so quickly (ghosts of NMS?). But the warnings were there (reviewers handcuffed to specific hardware). Overall, its a indictment of how easily people get suckered by marketers. :mad: