Cyberneticist Zeke: Heavy Armored SciFi Technician

I’m proud to announce our newest character, Cyberneticist Zeke, is now being reviewed by the marketplace staff!

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Looks pretty cool, good luck with your submission! =)

That’s the Halo Locust armor. 343 is definitely not going to be ok with people using this in their games, especially since they’ve already sent cease and desists to free mods using Halo assets.

The design of the helmet is similiar-ish, but its not the same. If Epic’s review says it looks too close, I’ll modify it.

It’s so close to the armor from Halo. It’s to the point that there are some details that are exactly the same as your model, at least on the helmet. I’m not saying it’s bad, just pointing out how similar it is.

Here’s a picture of the Locus helmet from Halo for reference: