CYBER TRAP - The Trailer

Student Submission: Yes

Credits to sourced content:

KitBash3d - Highways, Cyberpunk, CyberCity, Neocity kits were used

VehicleVarietyVol2 from marketplace- Van


Mixamo-Character Animations

Mega Pack Volume 2 from UNREAL Marketplace Japanese MAP modified and Favela particles utilized as well

Quixel Megascans - Blood Splatter assets

Music was curtesy of WhiteBat remixed in Audition

SFX sourced from Pixabay

This is a piece I made for UNREAL Connectors class with Studio Arts which I am and still attending via a grant and going to finish by the end of the year and this is the cinematic trailer for what is to come. It was inspired by the 90’s Sega CD game called Night Trap. The difference is this takes place in a cyber punk japanese city where the Augers(Vampires) are pillaging unsuspected victims using technology on the streets in a creeper box white box van. Where they’ll end up no one knows. But one thing is for certain they’ll definitely not be seeing light again and likely hooked up to some kind of circuit board processing center mining memories for digital nostalgia to be sold as NFTs.(more to come on that:)

Huge shout out to my teachers and admin at Studio Arts: Phil Donahue, Brandon Thompson, Milton Marsiscal, JC Cornwell, Damian Allen, and Eric Huelsman