Cyber Noir street shot

Hi Guys,

This is my first experiment with Unreal, loving it so far! The transition from the 3dsmax/ AE motion-graphics workflow has been fairly smooth. This sure is a powerful beast!

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Nice 1, Joe

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Wow, I’m speechless !!!

Sadly, I wanted to watch the video in 1080p but it is unplayable, it stop every ±2 seconds for few seconds :frowning:

Would you mind to share your original video file so I can’t download it & watch your video in full rez. YouTube always compress the data which alone is bad so watching your video in a lower rez like 480p just to get a descent fluidity is really, really, really, bad !!!

Thanks man!! Changed the source for ya. Should be able to download 1080 from there, let me know if that’s ok quality for you. Joe

Joe, amazing stuff, ever since learning Unity I was fascinated with realtime 3D motion graphics (having been a fan of Rezfest and recently Greyscale Gorilla stuff).

I think you should post more of UE4 realtime motion-graphic exploration, that will be awesome.

Nice 1! I hav’nt tried those, will have to look into them! I’ll do my best to keep it coming!