Cyber Monday Sale + Freebies!

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce that 20 of our packages are going to participate in the magnificent Cyber Monday event (Nov 28th)!

The list of discounted packages is as follows:

25% OFF - Wasteland Rocks -
25% OFF - Military Base - - GOLD
25% OFF - Moon Landscape -
25% OFF - Arid Mountains Landscape -
25% OFF - Snowy Mountains Landscape -
25% OFF - Sand Dunes Landscape -
25% OFF - Spring Landscape -
25% OFF - Dry Landscape -
25% OFF - Mars Landscape -
25% OFF - Industrial Props - - Incredible value
25% OFF - Grass Hills Landscape - [UE4] Grass Hills Landscape v2.0
25% OFF - Dead Hills Landscape - [UE4] Dead Hills Landscape v2.0 - NEW
25% OFF - Advanced Grass Material - [UE4] Advanced Grass Material - Your best choice!
25% OFF - Island Landscape -
25% OFF - Rugged Landscape - - NEW
25% OFF - Mesas Landscape -

50% OFF - Bushes and Shrubs - - Alternate link
50% OFF - Medieval Weapons -
50% OFF - Snowy Background Mountains - Snowy Distant Mountains (For All Your Faraway Horizon Line Needs)
50% OFF - Desert Rock - Desert Rock (for Unreal Engine 4)

Be prepared for it on November 28th! :slight_smile:

Please note that some of our packages aren’t released on the marketplace yet as it takes some time there but we’ve put them on Gumroad and apply the discount there to make them available for you.
Cyber Monday discounts will be applied on Nov 28th so stay sharp!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Giving 3 assets for free on that day is a very generous act :open_mouth:
I like

Looking forward to it, do you know what time the sale starts for your items?

Same time as mentioned here:
But the Gumroad links will have the discounts applied a few hours earlier. Will bump the thread once it’s done.

@rYuxq, Thanks.

**Hi all,

All Gumroad links are now discounted (including the free ones as well). Get your bodies warmed up with these early discounts and prepare yourself for the rest!**

And Happy Cyber Monday! :slight_smile:

All marketplace links will be discounted from Monday, November 28, from 12:00 AM until 11:59 PM EST.

Yay! :slight_smile: thanks for the freebies Max Dev!

Cyber Monday is live! Don’t miss it! All packages are now on discount!

I’m still seeing the gumroad offers as their usual prices. Bought the Desert Rock pack, ($5 usually, should be free), doesn’t seem to be free at the moment though? Even thought it’s almost 3am EST?

Looks $0 here. About 100 people have downloaded the free packs so far. You can see in the image below the price is 100% off. Try to f5 your browser maybe?

Thanks for those free packs Maximum-Dev.

Still seeing the normal price. Although I’m on mobile… Would that be part of the problem?

Mmm perhaps it was the problem. It now shows the original price but refreshes after a second and shows them as free. Just for gumroad. UE4 marketplace showing correctly. Awesome, thanks for these awesome prices and works!

Thanks for the freebies! It looks really great in the engine!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I hope we could show that we appreciate our customers!
Free packs are downloaded 206 times to this moment which is awesome! :slight_smile:
Please don’t forget to check out the discounted packages on Gumroad and Marketplace as well!


Hi all!

Did you miss anything?
We’ve extended our sale duration! If you didn’t have the chance to grab the packages you can still click on any of the links above to see the discounts are still there!

Thank you all for purchasing our packages and supporting us. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!

Time for the freebies is up. They were downloaded over 400 times and we’re really happy about that! I hope we could show our appreciation.
The regular discounts are still up for everyone!

Thank you all for the great support,