[Cyber Monday Sale] Black Fang Technologies: All Products

*SALE TIME →…20Technologies

Posting here to give everybody a heads up that the Cyber Monday Sale is drawing near. All currently released Black Fang Technologies products are scheduled to participate in the sale. Check out the master list of products here…ogies-projects and write yourself a reminder to look through my products on Monday.

Sounds like this is the cyber monday sale roundup thread.

OMG, it seems my credit card will be tanked next week again! Let’sGoooo! :smiley:

We have three characters currently on the marketplace and all are going to be on sale.

The Cyber Monday sale is almost here! All of our plugins are going to be 50% off.

Web EZ for all your procedural webbing needs.

Look Alive will give new life to your characters.

Skeletronix is great for x-ray effects.

Its sale time. Its one day only, so don’t wait.

The responses we are getting to this sale is amazing. You should buy now while supplies last :wink:

There’s only just over six hours left in the sale. Hurry! Buy! You’re running out of time!

Grab some cool weapons at 50% off!

Or maybe you would prefer some hot ones?

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Love your stuff!! Keep it up…